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Volume XI

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Now ready for publication is Volume XI, the third volume of the Series that has featured newspaper articles about crucial and interesting events!

Very little coverage in two previous volumes (IV and V) was given to the late 1930’s, the 1940’s. This volume closes part of the missing years, with 1,079 articles from 1937 through 1949. It is fully indexed with thousands of names. For the first time, there is also a subject index (hundreds of entries)! Many of the articles have a photograph. A veritable gold mine of local history!

This material chronicles the “coming of age” in the Toe River Valley. This includes the construction of modern highways, the development of state parks, the crucial role that mining played in providing minerals for the nation during World War II, local activities of federal programs such as the WPA and CCC, the development of resorts, construction of public education buildings, the arrival and closing of new businesses, and so on.

In addition, abundant material tells of local politics, school activities such as senior trips, criminal acts, traffic accidents, hunting, civic groups, and more.

Anyone remember the local wrestler “Bozo Burleson,” “girlie shows” at the Carolina Theatre (featuring “Gal High-Yellow Chorus”), the Street Car Diner, Donkey Basketball, who taught when and where in local school systems, and much, much more?

Material concerning the military is reserved for a future series of massive volumes.

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