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Volume X

Out of Print

Now ready for publication is Volume X, the third volume of the Series that focuses upon soldiers and local events during the Civil War. Whereas volumes VIII and IX were concerned with the Confederacy, this one focuses upon the Union. It contains approximately 150 articles about soldiers and military activity, most of them accompanied by a photo(s).

There are sketches of individual Union soldiers (many!), accounts of local military activity, rosters of hundreds of local soldiers by the state and regiment in which they served (NC, TN, KY, MI, OH, IN, IL, Iowa), selected types of military documents, assembled photos of 78 Union soldiers, military census and pension records, multiple and detailed articles about events during Reconstruction (including local letters!), never before seen roster of volunteers for the Kirk-Holden War, and local KKK activity.

In a very long Appendix, there are letters and journals of Confederate soldiers and non-combatants, 37 new photos of Confederate soldiers, accounts of massacres, four new rosters of Confederate soldiers, descriptions of uniforms, a letter to a soldier in the Mexican War (1848), a very long article about “White Unionists” in NC, and never before published documents (from pamphlets in the Duke University Library) about military punishment of deserters.

Of special interest will be very long articles entitled, ”Why did [WNC] Southerners Join The Union Army?”, “Stoneman’s Raid” (a first-hand account), and “A Child’s Experience of Wartime.” The latter two are from private manuscripts never before published. The volume is fully indexed family and given name).

The Editor is convinced that many readers will find this to be one of the more interesting and valuable volumes in the series.

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