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Volume IX

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Civil War enthusiasts have long awaited the day when Lloyd Bailey’s monumental series, Heritage of the Toe River Valley, would cover the local story of the glorious and tragic events of that epic struggle.

It was first envisioned that the entirety of the account would fit into a single volume. It soon became clear that it would consume two, and then three, books.

Volume IX is the second of three books devoted to this topic.


  • Maps of County Formation
  • Future Volumes of the Toe River Valley Heritage Series
  • Modern Map of the Toe River Valley
  • The Editor
  • Preface
    • The Confederate Army [Articles 3-22]:
      Organization and Rank; Rosters of Soldiers and Regimental Histories; Mitchell County and her Soldiers during the Civil War; Lists of Pensioners
    • Letters Written by Confederate Soldiers [Articles 140-144]
    • Clothing and Equipment [Articles 146-147]
    • The Militia and Home Guard [Articles 149-149-A]
    • Appendix I: Recently Received Obituaries, Sketches, and Photos [Articles 149-B-D]
    • Appendix II: Prisoners of War [Article 149-E]
    • Appendix III: Another Roster of Troops [Article 149-F]
  • Index To Volume IX (by Article Number)

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