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Volume VI

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In addition to new articles on families treated previously, the following families (among others), scarcely covered previously (or at all), now receive substantial treatment:

Carter (eight articles), McCracken, Deyton, Effler, Fain, Franklin (four articles), Griffith (four articles), Gunter, Haney, Henline, Hicks, Higgins, Hilemon, Hughes, Johnson, King, Lloyd, Maney (large carefully researched articles), McMahan, Ollis, Parker, Parsons, Penland, Phillips, Pope, Putnam, Renfro, Rose, Sams, Thomas (four articles), Vance (eight articles, some 100 manuscript pages), Wilson (three articles), and Young (three articles).

The Minutes of Zion Baptist Church (1834-1880) alone consist of 125 manuscript pages. If your ancestors lived in the vicinity of Pig Pen, Green Mountain, or Toledo, you do not want to miss this one!

Other large and interesting historical articles include: a large bibliography of published articles about the Valley; deaths and burials along the Clinchfield Railway as it was being constructed; the C.W. Burleson Store at Plumtree; the Celo Health Center; the search for the body of Elisha Mitchell (1857); the work of the CCC Corps; description of great floods from 1791 onward; a history of mining in Mitchell County; a history of medicine (with list of physicians) in the Valley; and a history of education in the Valley (with many documents).

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