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Volume IV

Out of Print

Volume IV contains 678 newspaper articles, ranging in date from 1777 to 1949. The volume is fully indexed (by family and given name), with many of the articles accompanied by their original photographs or illustrations (some of them full-page).

The Editor thinks that many readers will find this to be the most interesting and valuable volume yet in the series, since it contains long forgotten episodes in local history. Here one finds exciting reports of liquor-making (and subsequent legal troubles), brawling, murder, legal convictions and escapes by prisoners, reports of marriages and deaths (especially of Civil War soldiers), to say nothing of election results, reports of military activity, and hilarious high jinx by local “characters.”

Here as well are accounts of heroism and admirable devotion to duty, not only by leaders but also by otherwise unheralded citizens as well. Many of the accounts survive in but a single copy of faded newspapers that have long been stored in dusty archives. This is likely the only time that they will ever see “the light of day.”

CONTENTS includes:

  • Part One:
  • Articles of Known Origin and Date
  • Part Two:
  • Articles of Unknown Origin and Date

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