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Volume III

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Volume III contains articles on African Americans, Revolutionary War veterans, soldiers who vanished during the Civil War, prisoners of World War II, and a variety of general articles including local events, church histories, political activities, plus a huge section on the histories of families and individuals.

Major articles on families not well covered in Volumes I and II include (but are not limited to) the following: Biggerstaff, Boone (20 articles), Bryant, Burchfield, Craig, Edge, English (eight articles), Estep, Fender, Fortner, Hampton (11 articles), Hart, Hilliard, Hoover, Jarrett, Mace, Morrow, Price, Randolph, Rose, Scott, Straley, Sullins, and Swann.

In addition, much new information is provided on such families as Allen, Bailey, Briggs, Byrd, Cook, Cox, Davis, Dellinger, Edwards, Gouge, Greene, Honeycutt (nine articles), Hyatt, McCourry, McElroy, Pritchard, Robinson, Street, Wilson (seven articles), Woody, and Young.

Also included are articles on the mysterious “Brown Mountain Lights” with a copy of an extensive “government report” which explains this phenomenon, a discussion of the career of famous western outlaw Sam Bass, more on the case of Frances Stewart whol killed her husband in 1831.

TABLE of CONTENTS includes:

  • Part One: History
  • Events
  • Veterans of the American Revolution
  • Churches and Schools
  • Part Two: Families
  • Articles (in alphabetical order)
  • African-American Families

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