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2011 Bailey Reunion

This is to remind you of the 29th annual Bailey Reunion (descendants of John Bailey who came from England in the 1600’s; descendant Ansel who came to Yancey County around 1800).  It will be held, as usual, on Fathers’ Day (3rd Sunday in June), June 19th.  Location: First Baptist Church on the town square (officially named Bailey Square in honor of “Yellow Jacket” John Bailey), beginninat at 2:30 PM.  Should last no more than two hours.

If you have not attended previously (or have been “meaning to” for a while), now is the time; maybe your last chance.  Because of my health (blood clots in legs from too much time at the computer and “on the road”), this may (or may not) be the last one!

On the agenda: review of DNA evidence about where your Bailey ancestor was 10,000-20,000 years ago (you will be amazed; in England only since the 2nd century, A.D.); contents of a newly discovered Bailey Bible that will at last settle (?) the number and names of the children of “Yellow Jacket” John Bailey (15?  17? 20?); determination of the identity of a Bailey child whose tombstone has presented a mystery to me for decades;  published articles and documents about  Bailey soldiers in the Union and Confederate Armies; gathering evidence for soldiers in WW I and WW II;  new evidence on your earliest Bailey cousins in Virginia (1600’s); handouts, in case this is the last Reunion; photos of “Yellow Jacket” John’s children; photos of some past reunions.

For places to stay, check “Burnsville, NC” on the Internet.  Look at the Nu-Wray Inn (town square) and Terrell House (couple of blocks away), for example.

Not to be missed, Friends, if you can make it!

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